Monday, February 17, 2014

What does your facebook posts say about you?

What’s on your mind when you’re posting something on facebook? Well, depending on your moods, your facebook posts can be divided into irritating posts and non-annoying posts.

Non-Annoying Post- These can be funny or informative.

Funny Posts:

Informative Status Update:

1. Traffic jam at Pheonix.
2. No school today due to torrential rainfall.

Annoying posts
There can be many reasons for posting an annoying facebook status. The main reasons are:

1. Forging your image
2. To induce jealousy
3. Attention craving
4. Narcissism

1. Image Forging- The user wants to change the perception his facebook friends have towards him.
  • Yayy! I passed my first semester exams!
  • Guess who finally got her driving licence? :D
  • Thank you Krista for the amazing day <3 nbsp="">
  • Off to Buddha Bar tonite!
  • Seemingly, you can now clear your engineering exams drunk :P
Statistically, only 10% of your facebook friends care about what you post! Consequently, 90% don’t give a damn whether you’ve cleared your papers or where you’re going to spend your weekends!

2. To induce jealousy
  • Post picture of your new car/apartment/girlfriend
  • Hawaii here I come!
I guess facebook is  the place where you can make your friends/ex-es envious of your life!

3. Attention Craving
  • ... is cleaning my room!
  • What a horrible day!
Some people use facebook cos they’re feeling lonely, but that doesn’t mean you need to post any shitty thing that is happening in your life every minute!

Now, some users would just look at the comments without responding to any of it, and he even likes when ppl are commenting. Others, would eventually elaborate what hap on that day. And there are others, who would continue keeping on the mystery until he’s got many likes and comments…
  •  Thank you @blaah @blaah @blaah @blaah for everything you’ve done. All these years of bla bla bla and bla…
This type of user would tag his friends for every little unimportant things!

4. Narcissism- The user likes to brag about his thoughts, his life...
  • Pizza!
  • Off to KFC, then the beach, then home…
  • It's raining!!!

There’re some people who just as soon as they’ve reached somewhere they would update their status:
  • I’m having coffee @some_place with @some_people
Seriously, what are you trying to show when you’ve checked in at some place? If you really were having fun, you would not be updating your status simultaneously. I guess facebook was created to be used when you don’t have anything to do, and not to be used as a personal diary!
Before facebooking it*
  • I just finished my dissertation!
You finished your paper, so wat? Do you need a medal?

  • Posts some news happening around the world: war in that country, presidential election in that country, statistics on global warming, football matches score...
We’ve got newspapers and news websites for that!
  • Publishing some quotes from Einstein, Buddha, Jobs, Gates…  
Ok fine you find a post inspiring, and you think by sharing it with your friends, your friends would become more motivated? You want to inspire them, do something inspiring, don't use others quotes! Some people just post these things to craft their image; they want people to see how inspiring you are!

In a nutshell, there're different types of facebook users and somewhere even we've published annoying fb posts!

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