Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why do men cheat?

Statistically, men cheat their wives/girlfriends more than women do!

Here are some reasons i speculated for this fact:

1 Women are not giving 'em everything that they want!

The big fckin prob wit guy is: SEX! Soo the thing is with time, women tend to drive away from sex (specially a fellatio) or doesn’t want to try new stuffs in bed, and consequently, with the need for more sex, thrill and excitation, men start seeing other women.

2 Constant Fights

Women are, by nature, jealous creatures. Sometimes, the latter nag their husbands/bfs and thus creating much riffle in the relationship. Boys get a headache and what’s the best soln? Get Laid wit another!!

3 Guys get fed up wit their wives/gf cos the latter have become slobby, fatter…

With time, women lose interest in staying fit & attractive, and thus they lose their charm that they once had. Consequently, men no longer find their partners gorgeous, and making love to her is not as exciting as before!

But sometimes, its not only about the Looks.

The man in question may have a fuming, steaming, hot wife/gf, but he can still cheat on her! Why? To show their virility? To have a collection of ‘trophies’? Should be for some stupid reasons again!


Tiger Woods: Despite having a hot, gorgeous wife, he cheated with many different women.
Charlie Sheen: He got married to one of the most beautiful women in the world: Denise Richards, but he cheated on her with his assistant.
Josh Duhamel: Although he got married to one of the most sexiest singer, Fergie, he had an affair with a stripper!

4 The opportunity was there!

It’s a fact: Most Men cannot say ‘No’ to sex! The guy may love his wife/gf, but sometimes an irrestible offer for example, some some horny sluts, would just cause the guy to get strayed away!

Sometimes, when the guy finds out that someone else out there desire, want him sexually, this arouses his wild desires which were hibernating soo far!

5 Variable tastes

Some men find it exciting to constantly taste new flavours!

6 Women are too good and they forgive quickly.

Women are too good for them and consequently, they feel inferior to them!

In some cases, despite the guy has cheated over his wife/gf, the latter forgives him! Why? Women have a very big heart? Or they are afraid of remaining alone? Whatever be the reason, by forgiving the sinner, the women are proving that they are even more superior than men!

For example, Bill Clinton cheated his wife, but Hilary forgave him and they made another decade together!

7 Internet

With the wide variery of social networking sites, men find it easier to cheat.

Most wives/gfs are unaware of the passwords of their partner! But it may happens that the guy in question, has another fake profile and use it to sexchat wit other! Gradually, these chats get converted to meetings to finally land up in a hotel room, or in the bus!

To conclude, cheating is a very serious stuff! If you are cheating wit ur wives/gfs, better stop it here or just tell ur wives/gfs instead of constantly lying to them! Cheating is exciting in the beginning, but in the end, when you’ll realise your mistake, and realize how your wives/gfs truly loved you, it would be far too late!

Note: This post may have many exceptions and women do cheat as well! But this is more about man, about what I've currently experieced. :)  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emoticons speak more than words ;)x

We often use emoticons in our online conservation, though sometimes I've got the tendency to insert them in my school essays :P:P

In the past, silence was considered to be the greatest art of conversation.. But now wit the increase use of IM & emails, the use of emoticons have considerably increase...

Sometimes while chatting on fb or msn, when we do not know what to say or how to xpress ourselves, we often use emoticons...

Indeed, emoticons are not only graphical symbols, but are important means of communication :)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When the last teardrops fall...

Seriously Guys, don't ever ever fall in l.O.V.E! Infact, the expression itself 'Fall in Love' is self-explanatory! Everything seems perfect in the beginning, but gradually, when you trip and fall, you keep on falling to finally hit a very hard and painful bottom!

Love doesnt s*cks, but the one who breaks your heart definitely does!

 When the last teardrops fall 
It's so hard to lsoe the one you love to finally say goodbye...
You try to be strong but the pain keeps holdin on..
All that you can do is cry
Deep within ur heart you know its time to move on
When the fairty tale you once knew is gone...

Now it's time for me to find my happiness again and the emptiness from missing you will never ever end baby!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fake People all around!

There're soo many fake people all around! 

1 Ppl who dresses up like nerds, are sometimes the most Perverted persons on Earth.

2 Ppl who do not wear brand clothes do not necessarily have no means of purchasing these materialisitic stuffs, they just like to be S.I.M.P.L.E.  In the same way, ppl who wears only brand clothes may not have anyfing to eat at home!

3 Handsome guys or beautiful girls do not necessarily have a beautiful H.E.A.R.T and character.

4 Girls who dress up like sl*ts or act as sl*ts are sometimes the most kindest, sincerest and honest persons on Earth.

5 Ppl who pretend to love you maybe the one who hates you the most. 

6 Ppl who appear to be dumb or is always silent, can be the smartest person on Earth.

7 Religious ppl are sometimes the ones who commit the greatest SINS on Earth!

To conclude, never never judge a person by its appearance!