Friday, June 7, 2013

The Tuned Out Programmer

Two computer programmers are explaining how they go about doing their job, designing programs to fill the pressing business needs of their clients. 

Recounts one: "I heard him say he needed all the data in a simple format that could fit in one page." So the programmer followed through and deliver just that.

The second programmer, however, seems to have trouble getting to the point. Unlike the first programmer, he doesn't mention the needs of this clients. Instead he launches into a litany of technical talk: "The HP3000/30's BASIC compiler was too slow, so I went directly to a machine-language routine." In other words, he focuses on machines not people.

The first programmer was identified as outstanding at his work, able to design programs that are user-friendly; the second is at best mediocre at this task - he has essentially tuned out his customers. 

The first computer programmer displays emotional intelligence; the other exemplifies its absence.

Both were interviewed using a method developed by McClelland to detect the competencies that distinguish star performers in jobs of every kind.

Source: Working with Emotional Intelligence. A book by Daniel Goleman

Conclusion: Technical expertise isn't enough to excel at any work, you should also be emotionally intelligent, have good communication skills and have a passion for what you're doing.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Choosing your Career

Some children already have an idea about what job they want to do when they'll grow up or atleast in what field they want to be. Others will discover that during their journey in High School. Yet, there are still some students who don't know into what field they should pursue their tertiary education even after completing their Higher Studies. 

Certes, there are Career Guidance fairs, but are these really useful? Whenever I've been to a career guidance fair, I would just look for the stalls where they would offer free pen, notepad, sweets and stuffs!

How some students choose their University Course?

1. Childhood's Ambition/Dream.
2. You're passionate about that field.
3. You would get a highly-paid salary.
4. Your parents forced you.
5. The university rejected your application for a particular field, so you just joined any available courses.
6. Most of your friends signed up for that course.

Moreover, there are some students, despite having majored in a particular field, they completely changed career afterwards. Maybe because there's no job available in their field or maybe they majored in the wrong field.

Finally, there are some people who despite having no Diploma/Degree but who are really successful.

In a nutshell, think well before joining any particular course and don't let yourself be influence by anyone...  And, it feels much better to do what we have  passion for, even if the rewards are greater elsewhere...

Our Educational System

Different people are good at different things, so, is exams a fair way to assess a person's capabilities?

Personally, I think that we should not limit ourselves to only whatever we are learning in school. We should always be opened to learn something new, opened to new ideas and innovations, cos ultimately, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

And LIFE... Life ain't just about how well you know your calculus or anything else, life is:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Photographers" nowadays...

Nowadays, some people just buy a professional camera, take some shots, apply some effects & instantaneously, they think they've become professional photographers...

They could take any, any shitty picture of any, any shitty stuff, apply some filter & some quote and... "Yayy! I'm a Professional Photographer!"

Some people would even pose for these amateur "photographers" and they would think of themselves as being  top models...


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some of the Tallest Buildings in Dubai

Here are some Engineering Wonders in Dubai:

1. Burj Khalifa (828m)

2. Emirates Office Tower (355m)

3. Burj Al Arab (321m)

4. Ocean Heights (310m)

5. Infinity Tower (306m)

6. 21st Century Tower (269m)

Photo Credit: Google

For other Dubai Architecture, visit: