Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best Moments of Life

To fall in Love.

To be loved.

Receiving a call/text from your loved one when you are alone

First Crush..

To see an old friend and feel that nothing has changed...

Laughing with your friends till ypur stomach aches :D

Doing stupid things wit your best friends

Late night outs!!!
To get a phone call that says class is cancelled.

To touch the fingers of newly born.

To wake up and realize there's still time to sleep.

To see your parents smile when you are its reason 

To clear your last exam.

Listening to a song that reminds you of someone.

To pee after having to hold it up for some time.

Walking in the rain...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why i dnt like my University.. :/

Im currently studyin' Engineering and im already in my II semester & i really hate the system they use at our University.

1. Everything is exam-oriented! They are not preparing us for the job world but rather only on how to pass the exams! Everytime the teacher would explain some stuff in class, eventually he would need to say: "Ok, so this part carries 5 marks for exams" and bla bla bla... :/ 

This really sucks cos wat's the use of having an Engineering Degree if you don't even know how the job world really is! 

Engineering Fact

The only thing you type on your Final Year Engineering Project is your name, roll number & group number...

Everything else is: CTRL+C and CTRL+V

2. The teachers would only stick to what is there in the syllabus and would not bother to tell us about the applications where we would use these stuffs in real life!

There's no such thing as innovation, but we needa stufy only exam-related materials...

Engineering Fact

I study... I rake the test!
I pass it...
I forget what I learned...
I start a new Semester!...

3. Personally, for my I-Semester exams, you could just have answered some previous years questionnaires and sit for the exams! 

The questions are merely a repetition of previous years ones.. Sooo, are the students really learning something or they are just learning the answers by heart? 

Engineering Fact

Exams don't test what you know. They test how well you can study the night before the test.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

1 Like = $1, 1 Pray, 1 Shit!

Newest craze on fb: "If i get 1000+ Likes, my (some shit) will do (some shit) for me.."

Parents please!! You love your kids, so there's no need to use 'em to get likes!!! I wonder if in the future they would have to 'beg' for likes to get food!!!

Another shit: 1 Like = $1


If fb was really goin' to donate some dollars for every like, there would have been some Official Notice about that (maybe on your home page or other kinda notifications), and not some dumbass stuff about 1 Like=$1...!!!

Just a meme i guess...

1 Like = 1 Prayer

So 1 like=1 pray, 1 comment=10 prays & 1 share=100 prays?

Where does this arithmetic comes from? Is it because commentin' on the picture requires more time, more energy or idk wat kinda shit!! & on top of that, 100 prays for 1 share?? Sharin a picture must be such a tiresome task...

And the last one:

Guess the magic trick?? 

Tadaaaaaaa: Nothin!!!

In a nutshell, some ppl are creatin' lutsa stupid ideas about 1 like= somethin, and many ppl are buyin' it and eventually, they're likin, commentin' & sharin' these stuffs.. How far will human stupidity go with the increasin' number of Social Networkin Sites??