Friday, June 22, 2012

Importance of having Pets

Pets are really awesome companions, and having dogs as pets is the best feeling ever!

Here are some reasons why pets are really important:
1. Boost our Health
  • Lower risk of getting asthma and allergic
  • Reduce blood pressure and risk of high heart rate
  • Stronger immune system (for chronic respiration disease)
  • Reduce risk of serious mental disease cos we feel like always having someone

 2. Important in the better development of the child
  • Help children to develop their ability in non-verbal communication
  • Children have higher IQ Level
  • Higher emotional intelligence
  • Help children being more responsible & have a higher self-esteem (Children have to feed, bath, take pets out for stroll…)
  • Increase concentration
  • Animals have an accelerated circle of life compared to humans (birth, youth, adulthood, old, die) & hence, children learn more about these stuffs thru' their pets.
3. Reduce stress & happy atmosphere
  • Dogs are the best friends of man! Always here to cheer you up whenever you feel alone, depressed, tired, scared…
  • Dogs bring in a cheerful and happy atmosphere amidst family members!

Photo Credits: Facebook
Pets fulfil our need for affection and attention. They give us joy, company and loyalty (specially dogs) like nobody else.

I lost my dog one month ago (20th May 2012) and i really miss him... I love yu Rexx! Yu are and will always remain in my heart <3