Saturday, May 19, 2012

What defines a good teacher?

1. A good teacher is always here when we need him! (Doesn’t mean we can call him at any oddly hours though :P)

2. He will incessantly explain anything we’ve not understood until we finally get it… For example as soon as we’d tell our computing teacher that we’ve not understood something, he’d try explaining it in as different ways possible for us to finally grasp it!

3. Furthermore, a good teacher will never spoon-feed his students but would rather give ‘em more stuffs to do on their own!

4. A good teacher will also boost out general knowledge with great historians, great quotes to motivate us and relate us small stories or anecdotes related to ‘em! He will explain everythin as simply as possible but not any simpler…

5. Moreover, he will encourage us at every step and try to give personal attention to each and every student instead of sayin: “If your friends have been able to do it, then why not you?”

6. A good teacher doesn’t pinpoint anybody in the middle of the class if he’s doing something stupid; he’ll just say: “Over there, shut up!” But if things are more serious, he might talk to that student privately after the class, or if in extreme cases, he might ask the student to get his ass outta the class!!!

7. My french teacher used to organise debates, elocution contests, group presentations to make things funnier :D N I really love him for that! While other langauage teachers would just make the class even more boring by constantly doin the same stuff over n over again...

8. In addition, a good teacher should be kinda strict! If someone ain’t interested in whatsoever is going on in the class or hasn’t been doin his homeworks continuously since a long time, then he may send the student home instead of him sittin there every week wastin his parents’ money!

9. Most importantly, there should be both a serious and pleasant atmosphere during the class! The teachers should crake jokes time to time during the class to lighten the mood!
10. Finally… This one apply to tuition teachers! Some teachers are money-minded in the sense that they would give tuitions to students with whom they work at school! Seriously, is there some kinda difference in whatever he’d taught at school and what he’s teaching in tui? If there is, then whyyy??

Well, these are some characteristics, that according to ME, a good teacher possesses! In a nutshell, I would like to thank alllllllll my teachers, both at school and tui, for making me what I am today! I’ve been able to get excellent grades just cos of u great ppl! I love you soo much <3