Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life is Short...

Laugh often! :D

Give big Hugs...

Play your favorite songs loud 

Make phone calls to loved ones...

Breathe deep :)

Give up on haters!..

Visit family & friends that are far away...

Practice peace 

"It is time to practive peace. It is time to practice consciousness. It is time to practice kindness. It is time to practice embracing each other. And then, maybe, by the grace of God, there will be peace on this earth. I hope so, because the time has come." -Prem Rawat

See the beauty in all the situations :)

Don't sweat the small stuffs!

Dream big & make it happen!!

Love like crazy 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pictures that some girls upload on Fb nowadays...

Some girls would upload half-naked pictures of themselves, and would ask their friends to like them…

Some wud use PhotoShop to remove some imperfections, others Instagram to add a filter while some amateurs wud add stars, hearts and idk wat kinda shit else…

They would either make a duckface, show their b**bs or legs, & eventually they wud complain that:

“Boys suck! They just wanna get laid..”
“Why do I get all the bad asses? Where are the decent & good guys?”

Bitch please! What dyu expect after postin such pictures of urself?

What is more important? The number of likes and comments, or yur reputation and character?
Like Bruce Lee said, “Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.”

And a personal advice, don’t upload pictures of urself that may compromise wit yur career afterwards! For example, pictures where ure high, drunk, half-naked wit some weeds or alcoholic drinks in yur hand! You may have set some privacies, but u cannot be sure who is viewing yur pictures and wat they are doin wit them!