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Effect of Social Networking Sites on Young People

Hey! I havn't been postin' for a while cos I've been busy wit school stuffs: Lutsa homewrks, Computing Coursework... :/  *tired of goin to school* 

Wonder who'd da person who invented the word 'school'?


The previous week, we got a title essay: Effects of Social Networking Sites on Young People & hence, just wanted to blog somfin on dat!

I've been using these sites since I'm 13 years old.. I started wit 'Hi5', then I signed up for MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Orkut! Finally, I landed up on Facebook :P

"If you really wna spy, know everyfin bout a persn, Add him of Facebook!" ~ Velocity..:P

These sites got many drawbacks but simultaneously, they are a very important and useful Learning Tools...

SNS are useful tools! 

We've got the opportunity to develop our coding, graphics skills (HTML, Photoshop)... It's true that we kinda waste lutsa time personalizing our Profiles, Pictures but these stuffs are really Useful!

Furthermore, SNS are a way to keep in touch wit friends, relatives or persons sharin the same interests! 

We can even update our status, moods, profile pictures, personal information and videos, links and share all the Fun we had at school, tuitns, shopping malls, football grounds, gyms... And most of the time, these stuffs would take us back to all the Old Good Times we'd wit our friends!

However, SNS also got a negative impact on the young people...

For example, I've seen many of my 'Contacts' on FB uploading provocative, 'indecent' pictures on the site just to get the maximun number of 'Likes' & 'Comments'.. They would also ask their fellow friends to Like, cmnt 'Tag' a number of ppl on their pictures.. duh :|

Well, this one is from one of my Album on fb :P I've tagged all ppl who'd wished me for my birthday!
But, in most cases, Users would tag ppl on their own Picture to get max no. of Likes & Comments!
Consequently, these teenagers are wasting much of their time editin these pictures (adding all sorta graphics: stars, hearts, kisses..xx) and staying online, askin unknown ppl to do thse stuffs on their pictures..

In addition, we've got many many FAKE profiles on fb! Some girls would just create fake male profiles & Like their own pictures or wateva be da f*ck! Others, would create female profiles and verify if their 'boyfriend' is faithful or not..! Pathetic :/

Some people even create fake accounts just to spy on others.. They would upload Pictures of Actresses, Models, 'Emos' & Add anyone! Guess they lead a very borin life :|  

And LOL, there are even ppl who thinks that these pictures are the real pictures of the user &  tthey would comment on 'em telling how beautiful the pix is..!  & The User would also comment back sayin 'Thankss..' ppfft! ¬¬''

Others would prefix 'Cute, Hot, Sexy' well wateva be da fck on their Name! & believe me, in most of the cases, for e.g. 'CuteXXX' do not characterized the appearance of the User! 

Finally, there're more and more Dumb ppl using these sites.. For e.g. on fb, there're ppl who would just open their Chat Boxes and start wit a 'Hi, how are u'.. They would then ask all kinda info that are readily available on the User's 'Info Page' ¬¬'' 

This is the most recent one! Some ppl would just chat even if we wouldnt reply 'em! But then, why do we Add 'em? :S I've deleted many ppl on my fb pg but there's still the factor 'Who've got the most no. of friends.?'

Well, to conclude SNS are very useful but the Admins should kinda provide more Security & Privacy Options...!

Otherwise, I <3 Facebook! :P