Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Internet.orgImagine a world where the Internet connects us all

This new project with the collaboration of Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm & Samsung, is targeting on making the internet accessible to everyone using their cell phones, thus reducing the digital divide between developed countries and developing countries.

Currently, only one third of the global population has access to the internet!

The statement said: "Potential projects inclide developing data compression tools, enhancing network capabilities to more effiiciently handle data, building systems to cache data efficiently and creating frameworks for apps to reduce data usage."

Certes, this is a very good initiative, specially to countries where internet access is expensive!

But take the African continent for example, they have other urgencies to deal in with first: food, health, education, electricityyyyyy!!!

It would be like: “Ok I don’t have food nor shelter but at least I’m connected to the internet!”
Finally, is it because the digital markets in developed countries have become saturated that those companies want to spread out to developing ones, or is it because they really want the nation to be connected via the Internet? 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mood swings due to Facebook

Scientists have confirmed that using Facebook can make you feel miserable in the sense that it can reduce your sense of well-being and satisfaction with life.
 Most people use Facebook when they are feeling lonely because it makes them feel like they have a lot of friends out there! They just log onto the site & scroll up & down their newsfeed and, instantly, seeing some posts, these might cheer up their mood or, make them unhappy.

Stuffs that might cheer up your mood:

1. New Friend Request(s) or Subscribers
2. New message (specially from your crush :p)
3. Notifications about someone commenting or liking your posts
4. Seeing a funny troll on your newsfeed

Stuffs that might worsen up your mood:

1. No friend request, no message.
2. Notifications only about game requests or stuffs…
3. Seeing pictures of your friends/family having more fun than you.
4. Seeing your crush/partner liking or commenting on someone else’s pictures/posts.
5. Seeing couples uploading pictures while you’re single or you’ve just broken-up with you bf/gf.
6. Nobody liked your status, picture or whatsoever.

There’s a theory known as FOMO-Fear Of Missing Out: a side effect of seeing friends and family sitting on the beaches or having fun at parties while you are on a computer.

Well, using Facebook may make us feel more connected but it does not necessarily make us happy. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Relationship nowadays...

These days, due to the increase in the number of social networking sites, relationships are becoming harder.

Whether you’ve met your partner online or in real-life, there is one little thing that you should give to ‘validate’ your bond: your Facebook Password.

It’s like the gf/bf want to have total control over that person’s account: with whom he’s/she’s chatting, whose pictures they are commenting on and all that stupid shit...

It’s like, liking or commenting on someone’s else picture is more pernicious than actually sleeping with someone else!

Moreover, everything has become kind of virtual:

- You seldom meet!

- Most of your conversations take place over skype, text messages, IM...

- You fight over the phone!

- Your feelings become status update on facebook – its like announcing their problem to the world instead of the person they have a problem with…

Well, maybe its time for us to get out of this virtual world and go outside, meet people, talk & all that kind of stuffs: A real relationship :)