Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Grandmas’ training to be Solar Engineers in India

In a little village in the state of Rajasthan in India, there exists a college, Barefoot College, active since 40 years already.

In this college, most of its students are grandmothers from the Least Developed Countries of the world (Asia, Africa & the Pacific Islands), who had left their families for a 6 months training to become solar engineers.

Objective of the College: Train exploited poor rural inhabitants to become self-independent women and live with dignity and self-respect (Equality of Women)!

After obtaining their diploma, they would take homes the solar lanterns they’ve built and use their newfound knowledge and skills to help in the development of the villages from where they’ve come from.

The college works under the Gandhian Principle:

Finally, at night, most of the children gather around a big solar lantern and the college provides night schooling to these children, since during the day they have to help their parents in the fields.