Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mood swings due to Facebook

Scientists have confirmed that using Facebook can make you feel miserable in the sense that it can reduce your sense of well-being and satisfaction with life.
 Most people use Facebook when they are feeling lonely because it makes them feel like they have a lot of friends out there! They just log onto the site & scroll up & down their newsfeed and, instantly, seeing some posts, these might cheer up their mood or, make them unhappy.

Stuffs that might cheer up your mood:

1. New Friend Request(s) or Subscribers
2. New message (specially from your crush :p)
3. Notifications about someone commenting or liking your posts
4. Seeing a funny troll on your newsfeed

Stuffs that might worsen up your mood:

1. No friend request, no message.
2. Notifications only about game requests or stuffs…
3. Seeing pictures of your friends/family having more fun than you.
4. Seeing your crush/partner liking or commenting on someone else’s pictures/posts.
5. Seeing couples uploading pictures while you’re single or you’ve just broken-up with you bf/gf.
6. Nobody liked your status, picture or whatsoever.

There’s a theory known as FOMO-Fear Of Missing Out: a side effect of seeing friends and family sitting on the beaches or having fun at parties while you are on a computer.

Well, using Facebook may make us feel more connected but it does not necessarily make us happy. 

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