Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Regatta Blue: Color of the Week

Dispatch Bag from Triple Aught Design packs versatility and pockets

The Dispatch Bag features 13 pockets in 800 cubic inches of storage space and even has a removable sleeve for when you only need to essentials.

Not all messenger bags are created the same. If all you need is something to tote your basic belongings and a laptop to and from work, the Dispatch Bag ($195) from Triple Aught Design is not for you. If you do, however, need features like a “flashlight cave,” a hidden pocket for “defensive items,” and as many pockets as you can fill, this monster of a bag should fit the bill. Designed to be just as useful in an urban environment as an outdoor or travel setting, the Dispatch Bag features extra-rugged construction, modular design, and 800 cubic inches of storage space. The bag hosts an impressive 13 pockets and seven accessory slots, as well as a padded laptop compartment. The PALS webbing on the outside of the bag makes it easy to add MOLLE-compatible pouches to your bag, and an internal Admin Sleeve is removable for when you need to take your essentials, iPad, and a notebook to a meeting. This versatile bag is the perfect choice to eliminate all of your other bags and improve your organization skills.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hottest Haircuts for Spring 2011


Spring is a natural time of renewal and the perfect excuse to try something different! Your look can be made fresh, trendy and fun with just a few creative tweaks to your hair.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Narrow-Minded Upper Six Students :@

When does an Upper Six student cries and brings her dad to school?

When she knows that she is to be blamed and that everybody is against her!

When does some Upper Six students complain about another student to the Rector regularly?

When they are Jealous of that student!

When does some Upper Six students try everything that may cause harm, damage to a particular student and her reputation?

When these students do not have anything important to do in their life and hence, they love making conspiracy about that student!

To conclude, all those Upper Six students who went to the Rector to complain bout me, please do Come & See Me!

No need to act like those primary students: "Miss lin fr sa!"   "Miss lin pren sa!"  Blablabla...

No need to freak out, I won't eat you! So Cowards, gather your wits and come to talk to me!

Some stuffs from StatusShuffle for ya:

  • For all the girls who talk about me I have some advice! Spin in a circle, Tap your heals twice Then repeat this line "I wish I had a life"! Thank-you =)
  • I think you've mistaken me for some1 who actually gives a fu*k what comes around goes around so lets sit back and enjoy the show ;-)
  • Don't worry about what I do... after all, it's not you who's gonna be laying in my coffin when I die! It's my life and I do what I want!
  • The world would be a better place if people would learn 2 mind their own damn business! Worry about your own life and stop worrying about mine!
  •  isn't it funny how some people will make sly remarks and give dirty looks from a distance, but are too GUTLESS and COWARDLY to say it to your face?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quality of Life of People in Mauritius

Mauritius is no more considered to be a developing country, but a rather a newly-industrialised one!

But, has the Quality of Life of people been raised?

Somehow yes, because the Rate of Inflation has increased and the rate of unemployment has decreased...

But we're also living in a rather capitalism society, where the rich are becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer! 

But according to the social strata, we have 3 categories of people in the society: Upper Class, Middle Class and the Lower Class!

But what we observe is that the Upper & Lower classes are living a better life than those of the Middle Class...


Maybe the poor are getting more facilities compared to the middle class...

Well, atleast the level of poverty in the country has considerably decreased and I just hope that Mauritius will soon become a Cyber-Island :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No School? :P

I wonder why it rains only at night :S

All these thunder & lightning, strong gust of winds... Why does it have to occur only and only at Night?

Why can't there be any torrential rainfall in the morning, & consequently no school? :(

But last week, erm, 7th March 2011, all the schools throughout the island broke up at 11.00, or it was supposed to break up at 11.00, due to torrential rainfall!

Wonder why the States coundnt have taken that decision in the morning itself :S

Anyway, the last batch of student at ma school went home at 13.00, and by then, the weather has returned back to its sunny, shiny state! 

One of the main Bus Station is located some blocks after my school and I'm pretty sure, that the school was the only one who have not release all the students at that time!

Anyway, that's TRIOLET :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mauritius Independence Day

43th Anniversary of Mauritius being an Independent Country!

*Proud to be a Mauritian*

Friday, March 11, 2011

Top Celebrity Wedding Hotels


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nutty Nails

Say goodbye to the wishy-washy roudish square and squarish round shapes nail trend!

Make way for the ==> Pointy almond-shaped nails, which has emerged from the NYFW Fall 2011!