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Happy Endin' 2010

At 3 years old, Christian was like any other boy his age. He loved to play and laugh with his family. Suddenly, Christian began to lose his appetite and had fevers almost every day. After several exams, an ultrasound revealed devastating news: Christian had a mass in his kidney. He was found to be suffering from neuroblastoma, one of the most aggressive types of childhood cancers.

“You know that cancer exists, and that we are all at risk; but you never imagine that it will touch your life,” said his mother.

Christian underwent a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy in his native Puerto Rico. Sadly, after two years of scans indicating no evidence of disease, his cancer returned.

This time, the cancer had spread to the bones in his hips and legs, causing him a great deal of pain. In search of a possible cure for Christian, one of his doctors contacted St. Jude.

In March 2010, Christian arrived at St. Jude, where doctors were studying novel treatments for neuroblastoma. Christian was enrolled on two protocols (treatment plans). The first used a new chemotherapy drug to relieve his tumor burden. Christian responded well to the drug and proceeded to an immunotherapy protocol.

Immunotherapy is designed to produce immunity to a disease or to enhance resistance by the immune system. The basis of Christian’s treatment is a neuroblastoma antibody that is manufactured at the St. Jude Children’s GMP, LLC facility. St. Jude is the only pediatric research center with an on-site Good Manufacturing Practices facility to research and then produce highly specialized medicines and vaccines that pharmaceutical companies do not produce.

Currently, Christian is at St. Jude fighting for his life.


I just read this story online & I wanted to share it on my blog cos by now, everybody mjst be preparin' emselves for welcomin' the New Year: Shopping, Dinner, BBQ at the Beach, Fire Craks, but we do have many many people, all around the world, who do not even have anything to eat or do not even know that 2010 has come to an end!

Poverty exists throughout the Planet & we might be rich today & lose everythin' the followin' day (Market has crashes, etc...)... So consider yourself really fortunate compared to the others & well, as we all know, we do have an ever-endin' list of wants but sometimes do think for others & as the great Albert Einstein once said: "Only a life lived for others is worth living."

Here is my last post for this Year & I wish everyone, all around the World, a Happy New Year 2011... Hope this New Year will fulfish most of your wishes...x

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Types of Facebookers

6 Nail Trends to Try Now!

If you tend to get post-manicure buyer's remorse, wine is the shade for you. "It's a hard color to screw up. Almost every hue looks festive and classy," says celebrity manicurist Ashlie Johnson, who works with Kristen Stewart, Eva Mendes, Lea Michele and Kate Hudson, among others.


Giving your nails the Midas touch requires a bit of finesse. "Make sure to pick a gold that's not too yellow-y, which can look tacky. Choose a warmer tone instead," says Johnson.


While this dazzling hue is perfect for a party it can be a bit much for the office. "Try just applying it to the tips," advises Johnson.

Go green, but go wisely. "A teal with navy undertones will keep your hands from looking like they're freezing," says Johnson.

Deep Purple
Sometimes what looks like the perfect eggplant turns jet black on your tips. Johnson's fix: "Pick one that looks brighter in the bottle or has a tiny flecks of glitter to pick up the light."

Cherry Red
This shade is meant to be cheery. "Choose one that makes you smile," Johnson says. "I like brighter, orangey reds for darker skin and blue reds for fair skin."

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Facebook Headquaters

Open Facebook
Most of Facebook's approximately 900 employees sit in spacious bullpens lacking dividers or walls, designed to evoke the company's ethos of openness.

The company has a number of buildings scattered throughout Palo Alto, Calif., including this unpretentious structure near the Stanford University campus.

The average age of Facebook's employees skews young in comparison with its audience. It is estimated that the average Facebook user is in his or her mid-30s.

Game Room
Guitar Hero and an Xbox 360 are among the entertainment options at this rec center.

A chessboard and a Ping-Pong table are also available.

Lunch is served at the company's California Avenue office.

Among the items available in the cafeteria are pizza, a carving table and a variety of healthy fare.

International Flavor
A number of Facebook's employees are from outside the U.S. Facebook has mobilized its users to volunteer to help translate the site into 70 languages.

Many of the names of office conference rooms are drawn from pop culture.

This basketball court is located near the Facebook offices. The roof of one building is used for grilling and musical performances in warm weather.

The overall vibe of the office is not unlike that of a dormitory, which is just where Mark Zuckerberg and his three co-founders first dreamed up the idea for Facebook.

Facebook has struggled to balance its explosive growth with users' anxiety about how much of their personal information can become public.

On course to log its 500 millionth active user in the next few weeks, Facebook has become not only a major player on the Web but a major cultural force as well.

Alex Bellos demonstrates a very cool, and strange way to multiply

Awesome Video! :) Do check it out!

How to Reactivate a Disabled Facebook Account & How to Backup your Account

How to Reactivate a Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook have quite the draconian usage policy and at any point in time you might find yourself the proud owner of a disabled Facebook account. Do not despair for there are ways to reactivate your account without having to re-create a different one.

All you have to do is send an email to inquiring about the reason that they disabled your account for (usually it’s a hater reporting your profile to be in violation of the EULA of Facebook) and explain your willingness to remove the violating content and if it was just a “clerical error” to reactivate your account.

Other accounts to “CC” in your email:

That usually does the job of getting your account back within a period of 2-5 days, depending on whether you actually had a violation or not, doesn’t that sound more like a country’s court system than a websites usage violation?

Most common reasons for Account disabling?

# Porn

# Showing too much cleavage if you are a women but men can almost get away with anything — love the commitment to the status quo of society!

# Adding too many friends, too quickly, getting a warning for it and ignoring it.

# Spamming

# You didn’t use your real name that is on your birth certificate!

Browsing too much of Facebook too often, mostly due to apps like Snap2Face and others like it.

# And many many more!

How to Backup your Facebook Account

Facebook plays a central part in the lives of the majority of its 500 million users and it is certainly a content rich site. People upload photos, conversations and connect with friends all over the world. Sometimes, Facebook is the only place that has a copy of a photo, or it’s the only way that you can get in touch with a distant friend. So, naturally, it’s quite devastating to lose your Facebook profile, and it’s quite annoying trying to recreate your Facebook profile from scratch even if you have a copy of everything that is on it.

While FacePAD is very useful in backing-up your photo albums, it is manual intensive and there is so much more to Facebook than photos.

Local Backup

ArchiveFacebook is a great Firefox plug that helps you to create a copy of your Facebook profile locally on your computer allowing you to access at anytime locally.

Archive Facebook backs up the following information automatically:

Activity Stream
Friends List

After installing the app and restarting your Firefox, you will be able to see the tab “ArchiveFB” on the top of your Firefox browser. Log in to your Facebook account and select “ArchiveFB–>Archive” this will display a warning that the addon will scan your Facebook profile for posts after which it will download them to your computer. This process might take a while depending on how active your are on Facebook but after it’s done your will be able to have a copy of your profile. Just in case.

Two things to pay attention to while using this app: 

1) It conflicts with the Scrapbook add-on so you’ll have to disable it before you archive 2) you will have to have a Facebook vanity link.

Internet Backup

The other option is to use Backupify, an online service that helps you backup your social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and many more. The basic account, which is free, allows you store up to 2GB of data and allows you to connect a single account per service. For better service, you can upgrade your account or get a business account instead of a personal one.

The service will back up your Facebook’s :


After signing up for your Backupify account, you can add your Facebook profile from Settings–>Facebook and allowing it access to your profile data. Now Backupify will automatically create backups of your profile and store it on their servers for your use whenever you please.

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Movie: TRON: Legacy

A virtual-world worker looks to take down the Master Control Program.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 3 Facebook Desktop Applications

Facebook is the best way to stay connected with your friends and family.Facebook is used by over 400 million people all around the world. But there aren’t any official Facebook Desktop Application available. I found top 3 best facebook desktop Apps which might make your life easier.

It is the desktop client for not only Facebook.It can also be used for Orkut and Myspace,So ,its a multipurpose social networking connector. Its a nice application, that brings many social networking sites right onto your desktop.
It have so many nice features.It feels like chatting in Gmail or Yahoo mail. Its good to install if you don’y like to goto main site many times a day. Since,it give updates right away as you log in.
2) Facebook Desktop:

Facebook Desktop is a Windows program that, with a small memory footprint, provides updates to a the users facebook profile, such as messages, pokes, wall posts, and friend requests.
  • Automatic login. Stay logged in until you log out!
  • Notifies you of new messages
  • Notifies you of new wall posts
  • Notifies you of new pokes
  • Notifies your of new friend requests
Gabtastik is Facebook Chat client.You can only be allowed to chat with your friends using this.Its a good idea to chat right from your desktop not from the Facebook main page.Many of us want to go Facebook just for chatting with our friends.This makes chatting more easier.

Graveyards at Disneyland? Weird Finds at the 'Happiest Place on Earth'


When you visit Disneyland this time of year, it's easy to get distracted by the abundance of Christmas lights, decorations, holiday parades and costumed characters.

But look carefully around the theme park and you just may discover a few hidden things that give Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom a little bit of a wacky edge.

Californian Christopher Strodder knows all about the "secrets" of Disneyland, as he's been to the amusement park dozens of times throughout his life.

He's such a regular, he's even written a book called "The Disneyland Encyclopedia" (Santa Monica Press), an unofficial guide to everything there is to know about the iconic playground.

Strodder told AOL News that one of his weirdest discoveries while researching Disneyland was finding out just how many graveyards are actually scattered throughout the park.

Yes, graveyards!

"There are six or seven graveyards at Disneyland that can be easily seen if you take the time to look around. Four at the Haunted Mansion, including a pet cemetery, and one in the Storybook Land canal boat ride during the 'Alice 'n Wonderland' part. There's also a graveyard on Tom Sawyer Island," Strodder explained. "It's really odd, if you think about it, that there are so many tombstones at 'The Happiest Place On Earth.' "

Strodder -- who often visits Disneyland just to walk around and check out the sights without going on a single ride -- said visitors might also be surprised to learn just how many "hidden Mickeys" lurk around theme park.

If you look closely, he said, you can see Mickey's head on just about everything -- from countertops at restaurants and walls and bushes around the park to even more subtle Mickey heads arranged in knots on ropes at lines for rides.

"Nothing at Disneyland is ever accidental. Everything, even the hidden stuff, is put there so that guests will take notice and enjoy the details. Almost everything in the park has a backstory," Strodder said.

For instance, if you're walking around Frontierland and you see a hanging tribute to something called the Mineral Hall, Strodder said that's a nod to an old gem that stood there when the park opened.

If you happen to notice a bunch of excess ramps around Tomorrowland, Strodder said those are the tracks for the old PeopleMover ride, which is rumored to make a comeback someday.

"They've left lots of visible markers from the past around the property for people to reminisce over, if you have the patience to look for them," he added.

Other wacky tidbits Strodder has found include fun features on the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the heart of the park. Turns out the castle's spouts are designed to look like cute little enchanted animals rather than your standard spooky castle gargoyles.

Also, Strodder said, there's a visible family crest hanging at the entrance of the castle, which is the real deal. It's the Disney clan's actual family crest.

Strodder confirmed that, as far as he knows, two bizarre urban legends surrounding Disneyland are true. There is a secret basketball court and a secret club hidden within the premises.

"The Matterhorn does have a small break area for the mountain staff that includes a basketball hoop. The famous Club 33 in New Orleans Square also definitely exists, and the door to it is clearly marked with the number 33. The waiting list for Club 33 extends for over a decade. There's a dress code, alcohol and amazing views of the park from inside," he explained.

But not every weird addition to Disneyland has panned out.

According to Strodder, there's a whole forgotten "Land" that most people don't know about.

"In 1957, Walt Disney decided to build an area to the left of Frontierland called Holidayland. It was built for corporate events and office picnics, and had its own entrance separate from the rest of the park. People could order picnic baskets and beer while overlooking Disneyland, but guests didn't really take to it. It closed in 1961 and is the only 'Land' ever to get shut down at Disneyland. Today, it's the area that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Haunted Mansion stretch into," he explained.

Strodder said there was also a circus at Disneyland in 1955 that was only open for six weeks before visitors were over it. He said admission cost an extra fee and the circus workers were a bit "rough around the edges" -- crass carnies instead of your typical wholesome Disneyland "cast members."

Now, if you're planning a trip to Disneyland for the holidays this month but don't have enough time to seek out certain secret spots, there are some pretty cool details in plain sight.

According to Disneyland media representatives, the first Christmas tree Walt Disney ever placed in the park back in 1955 can still be found in Town Square, near the Main Street Disneyland Railroad Station.

Clearly, the park keeps its Christmas decorations in a really good storage closet.

Then there's the massive artificial Christmas tree smack dab in the middle of Town Square that stands 60 feet tall and has 280,000 pine-tip branches molded from actual tree branches.

It's decorated with more than 2,000 ornaments -- not to mention a 3-foot star on top and 4,800 LED lights.

In addition to that, there are 100 other artificial Christmas trees -- fully lit and decorated -- throughout the Disneyland Resort and California Adventure. There is also 8,000 feet of decked-out holiday garland installed throughout the parks.

Reps told AOL News that the smallest Christmas ornaments can be spotted in the Storybook Land attraction, while 50,000 lights adorn the outside of It's a Small World Holiday, with an additional 200,000 mini-lights in the surrounding trees.

Pine tree and peppermint scents waft through the European scenes of It's a Small World, and a gingerbread house in the Haunted Mansion's Great Hall is made of real gingerbread and icing.

The candy house features a 12-inch gingerbread zombie rising from beneath a mound of chocolate cookie dirt, but no word on whether or not a hungry guest has taken a nibble yet.