Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Java Cookie Recipe

I was revising for my finals week, and then I came across Cookies in Java servlets...

Immediately, I googled the recipe and since it was quite simple, I decided to bake some.

Here's the "recipe":

import java.ingredients.*;
import java.ingredients.flour.*;
import java.ingredients.brownSugar.*;
import java.ingredients.egg.*;
import java.ingredients.butter.*;
import java.ingredients.vanillaEssence.*;
import java.ingredients.bakingPowder.*;
import java.ingredients.milk.*;
import java.ingredients.raisinOrChocolateChip.*;

public class createCookie extends BakingServlet 
      public void doBake(BakingServletRequest request, BakingServletResponse response)
      throws OverheatException
           String data = request.getParameter("ingredients");
           Cookie cookie = new Cookie("MyCookies", data);

           PrintWriter pw = response.getWriter();

           pw.println("MyCookie has been baked...");
           pw.println("Serve with a glass of milk...");

Enjoy! xx

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Operation Research: Simplex Calculator

This sem I'm studying OR (VTU: 10CS661), and I've found a really amazing online calculator (it also has an Android version) that can perform any simplex methods: standard one, Big-M, Two-Phase...

Here's the link to the online calc: