Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is exams a fair way to assess a student's capabilities?

1) Cheating

Nowadays, with all the technological innovations, cheating is kinda common... I'm pretty sure they're gonna develop 'Cheating Apps' soon...

Here's 50 ways of using technology to cheat:

2) You may fall sick, get hit by a car, suffer from emotional stress (someone close to you die) during exams...

And consequently, you waste a full year or semester!

3) Luck!

In my college for lab exams, students need to choose from a lot of questions... Obviously, if you're lucky enough you'll get a pretty easy question!

4) Do college authorities have anything to say about you passing or not?

Currently, I heard that someone occupying a rather important place at the college told a student: "Your Degree is in my hand!" 

It's like if they like they'll make you pass, otherwise, you're fcked!

5) Due to the exams pressure, do students really learn something at school or they just study to pass the exams? 

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