Sunday, January 13, 2013

Movie: Hugo Cabret

Hugo is an Americ 3D historical adventure drama movie released in 2011. It relates the story of a 12-year old boy, Hugo, who lives alone at a train station in Paris. By repairing a mechanical device that his father found at a museum where he worked, he deciphered some secrets linked to a great film pioneer Georges Melies.

Here's the trailer: 

During the movie, Hugo stated that a machine is made up only of the parts that it requires for the latter to work effectively and not of unnecessary useless parts... In the same way, the world is made up of people who are here to contribute to something to make a better world...

No one is useless in this world, everybody has been sent to accomplish something...

So don't think of yourself as a good-for-nothin, as a waste of space, but instead think in what way you can be useful to the world, to the people around you... "You're Original and cannot be replaced... You just gotta ignite the light & let it shine! Just own the nite like the 4th of July.. Cos baby you're a Firework, show 'em what you're worth..."

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