Friday, January 18, 2013

Facebook=Personal Diary?

Nowadays, some people consider their Facebook profile to be their Personal Diary.. They wud post all kinda personal stuffs rangin' from what they are eatin to whom they are f*ckin!!!

Here are some posts I've seen on my news feed:

1. I'm at (some place) wit (tag some friends) !! Im havin such a great timeeeee! 

Bitch please! If u were really havin a great time, with your FRIENDS, you wudnt be postin' a status simultaneously...

2.Smokin (some stuffs)
3. Drinking (some stuffs) with (tag some ppl)

 & they would even post photos:

4. Its rainin' outside!!!

Im sure, very soon, im goin' to see somethin like this:

Boyfriend & girlfriend havin' sex.. Boy says: "Wait i need to update my facebook status that im fckin' you & we're havin a nice time.."


On top of that, Facebook has now come wit some texts in their posting space... In the past, it was std: What's happening ?


Sounds creepy, but looks like Facebook wants to know everythin' that you're doin or you've been doin'..

To top it off, check out this video which is about: Facebook v/s Reality... Enjoy xx

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