Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quality of Life of People in Mauritius

Mauritius is no more considered to be a developing country, but a rather a newly-industrialised one!

But, has the Quality of Life of people been raised?

Somehow yes, because the Rate of Inflation has increased and the rate of unemployment has decreased...

But we're also living in a rather capitalism society, where the rich are becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer! 

But according to the social strata, we have 3 categories of people in the society: Upper Class, Middle Class and the Lower Class!

But what we observe is that the Upper & Lower classes are living a better life than those of the Middle Class...


Maybe the poor are getting more facilities compared to the middle class...

Well, atleast the level of poverty in the country has considerably decreased and I just hope that Mauritius will soon become a Cyber-Island :D


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  3. I am surprised at how low salaries are in Mauritius compared to the cost of living. If you were not fortunate to have the help and support of your families how do couples start off?