Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No School? :P

I wonder why it rains only at night :S

All these thunder & lightning, strong gust of winds... Why does it have to occur only and only at Night?

Why can't there be any torrential rainfall in the morning, & consequently no school? :(

But last week, erm, 7th March 2011, all the schools throughout the island broke up at 11.00, or it was supposed to break up at 11.00, due to torrential rainfall!

Wonder why the States coundnt have taken that decision in the morning itself :S

Anyway, the last batch of student at ma school went home at 13.00, and by then, the weather has returned back to its sunny, shiny state! 

One of the main Bus Station is located some blocks after my school and I'm pretty sure, that the school was the only one who have not release all the students at that time!

Anyway, that's TRIOLET :)

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