Friday, March 18, 2011

Narrow-Minded Upper Six Students :@

When does an Upper Six student cries and brings her dad to school?

When she knows that she is to be blamed and that everybody is against her!

When does some Upper Six students complain about another student to the Rector regularly?

When they are Jealous of that student!

When does some Upper Six students try everything that may cause harm, damage to a particular student and her reputation?

When these students do not have anything important to do in their life and hence, they love making conspiracy about that student!

To conclude, all those Upper Six students who went to the Rector to complain bout me, please do Come & See Me!

No need to act like those primary students: "Miss lin fr sa!"   "Miss lin pren sa!"  Blablabla...

No need to freak out, I won't eat you! So Cowards, gather your wits and come to talk to me!

Some stuffs from StatusShuffle for ya:

  • For all the girls who talk about me I have some advice! Spin in a circle, Tap your heals twice Then repeat this line "I wish I had a life"! Thank-you =)
  • I think you've mistaken me for some1 who actually gives a fu*k what comes around goes around so lets sit back and enjoy the show ;-)
  • Don't worry about what I do... after all, it's not you who's gonna be laying in my coffin when I die! It's my life and I do what I want!
  • The world would be a better place if people would learn 2 mind their own damn business! Worry about your own life and stop worrying about mine!
  •  isn't it funny how some people will make sly remarks and give dirty looks from a distance, but are too GUTLESS and COWARDLY to say it to your face?


  1. waiiiii... kaver zot pe enflamer?? huh???? pena fiel??? ben si pena cme i'll gve u..... come on gurls grow up....

  2. Anonymous: Bzn Pri sa..xD

    Ouais, dia zot 1 coup :P

    Zizi: Yuup :)

  3. wahhahahhaha..............Clacg sa....

    tro bon sa mins...=)))

  4. Mo gueter kumen zot al fr palabre astr :D

  5. lol pou dr tw ta.cote garcon si ena sa zess la ta..palabre ena ta ena M**** rector sa ban la