Friday, August 9, 2013

Relationship nowadays...

These days, due to the increase in the number of social networking sites, relationships are becoming harder.

Whether you’ve met your partner online or in real-life, there is one little thing that you should give to ‘validate’ your bond: your Facebook Password.

It’s like the gf/bf want to have total control over that person’s account: with whom he’s/she’s chatting, whose pictures they are commenting on and all that stupid shit...

It’s like, liking or commenting on someone’s else picture is more pernicious than actually sleeping with someone else!

Moreover, everything has become kind of virtual:

- You seldom meet!

- Most of your conversations take place over skype, text messages, IM...

- You fight over the phone!

- Your feelings become status update on facebook – its like announcing their problem to the world instead of the person they have a problem with…

Well, maybe its time for us to get out of this virtual world and go outside, meet people, talk & all that kind of stuffs: A real relationship :)

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