Sunday, December 4, 2011

S.H.I.T.S i did in Exams :S

I've just sat for my A-Level Exams & i really fcked up! 


Paper 1: Basically, Paper 1 is Pure Maths, wit really simple numbers..  I don't know if it was over-confidence or blindness, but i completely did the opposite of what was asked in the question... Instead of finding the perimeter of a figure, I calculated the Area :/

Paper 4: (Mechanics): Welll.. I didnt know the paper continued... ^^'' I completely missed out the last number... When the bell rang indicating the end of the time slice, when i closed my booklet, i was left open-mouthed when i saw the last number which was on VT-graph.. I could have scored much marks on it cos I've been doing numbers on Velocity-Time Graphs since 5 years in my Physics Classes... :(


Paper 3: This is the Practical part! The practicals was about measuring some stuffs using a Potentiometer... I'd already done this type of pratical several times at school & at tui, but in the exams, i dont know how, i broke the resistance wire of the Potentiometer! :S I was soo scared cos i thought there was no other spare apparatus.. But fortunately there was! :)

Paper 5: I'd 3 papers consecutively on that day, mainly: Computing P3, Physics P2 & Physics P5.. I was completely exhausted (demoralized :|) by the 3rd paper! Yet, i tried my best.. But in the Design question, i completely went off-track! 

The questn was about some circular coil used to investigate the magnetic field at its centre (well stuffs like that).. Just some days before exams, i did a question very similar to this one, but in the exams room i missed out the electronic part! ¬¬''

General Paper

I hate GP! Here's ma feedback for the GP Paper:

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