Sunday, October 16, 2011

GP Paper(1) 2011

Last Wednesday I sat for my GP Paper (1) & it was a real mess!

I fink we were given 12 essays to choose one from, and i completely fckd up! There was no single topic on Technology >.<

To crown it all, I only prepared topics on Implications of Computer Use, Internet, Video Conferencing, i mean stuffs like that (though i should have prepared on various topics) & nothin' on Tech came out! Ironically, I could even sat for the Computing Paper on that day based on the amount of Tech Stuffs I prepared on!

Even the topics based on science were not really scientific! There were 2 topics actually, Green Lifestyle in Mru & Experimentation on Animals!! Logically, any students (non-science) could tackle that ¬¬''

Basically most of the topics were kinda Abstract, wit some on Economics!

But in a nutshell, the GP paper, which stands for General Paper, is based on what the students know in General, i mean their level of maturity.. But most of the times, students tackle essays that they'd done at school or at tuition & they just vomit that in their paper! 

Infact, there was a girl next to me who started writting as soon as the bell rang, i mean without any planning! She was just writtin wateva she learnt by Heart, but this is not the proper way of Learning!

Anyway, I've got my last GP paper tommoz, I hope it will be better than the Paper 1 :)

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