Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stupid Contests on Facebook

Since last year, many ppl are creating stupid groups on Facebook! ¬¬''

"Mr. & Mrs. Facebook"

"The Official Mr. & Mrs. Facebook"

"Mr & Miss Fb"

Well, stuffs like that... >.<

Basically, users have to upload their pictures on these groups and the ones with the highest number of likes is the winner, i.e. Mr. or Mrs. Facebook!

But there are more than 800 million active users on Facebook, soo how can we based these stupid contests on the hundreds or thousands users who've uploaded their pictures?

Besides, the more number of friends you have, the more number of likes you'd get! Infact, many ppl have been buggin me, either through my wall or through the fb chat to like their picture: " Please like this group < link > & then please like this picture < link> Thank You :) "

Finally, its not about the most beautiful ppl on facebook, but rather the most beautifully edited picture! :p


  1. And I would add :
    The best facebook like begger :-)

    It is more about networking than a beauty contest.