Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When the last teardrops fall...

Seriously Guys, don't ever ever fall in l.O.V.E! Infact, the expression itself 'Fall in Love' is self-explanatory! Everything seems perfect in the beginning, but gradually, when you trip and fall, you keep on falling to finally hit a very hard and painful bottom!

Love doesnt s*cks, but the one who breaks your heart definitely does!

 When the last teardrops fall 
It's so hard to lsoe the one you love to finally say goodbye...
You try to be strong but the pain keeps holdin on..
All that you can do is cry
Deep within ur heart you know its time to move on
When the fairty tale you once knew is gone...

Now it's time for me to find my happiness again and the emptiness from missing you will never ever end baby!

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