Wednesday, August 31, 2011

E.X.A.M.S Trends

I was just going through the past exam papers of the years '70 and '80, when i noticed some stuffs...

In the past, the candidate had to attempt all the questions and the paper itself was very difficult, in the sense that it requires much & much Logical thinking... Infact, at that time, the Maths papers were scheduled for 3hrs and candidates could not even use their Calculators!

With time, the papers were divided into Section A and Section B, whereby the candidates had to attempt all questions from Section A which was relatively easy, and then choose some questions from Section B which required some logical thinking again...

But nowadays, the duration of the papers have considerably decrease along with the level of difficulty... Unfortunately, more and more candidates are unable to get through the exams despite the fact that they have technological support which was not available in the past: Scientific Calcs, Internet, iPod... 

Ironnically seeing how things are going, maybe in the future, the Government would have to pay the students for sitting in the exams... Later again, maybe those who have atleast come to the examination rooms would be issued Certificates *Not Certificate of attendance though :P *

WHY this change?

Personally, i feel that the internet plays an enormous role in this case. I spend much of my time online, updating my facebook page, tweeting, blogging, ddloading stuffs... And unfortunately despite knowing that im wasting my time online, i continue doing soo cos im kinda addicted to the net!

Well, i just hope the future generation will be just the opposite as i blog earlier!

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