Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6 Nail Trends to Try Now!

If you tend to get post-manicure buyer's remorse, wine is the shade for you. "It's a hard color to screw up. Almost every hue looks festive and classy," says celebrity manicurist Ashlie Johnson, who works with Kristen Stewart, Eva Mendes, Lea Michele and Kate Hudson, among others.


Giving your nails the Midas touch requires a bit of finesse. "Make sure to pick a gold that's not too yellow-y, which can look tacky. Choose a warmer tone instead," says Johnson.


While this dazzling hue is perfect for a party it can be a bit much for the office. "Try just applying it to the tips," advises Johnson.

Go green, but go wisely. "A teal with navy undertones will keep your hands from looking like they're freezing," says Johnson.

Deep Purple
Sometimes what looks like the perfect eggplant turns jet black on your tips. Johnson's fix: "Pick one that looks brighter in the bottle or has a tiny flecks of glitter to pick up the light."

Cherry Red
This shade is meant to be cheery. "Choose one that makes you smile," Johnson says. "I like brighter, orangey reds for darker skin and blue reds for fair skin."

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