Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One day before exams...

What do you do one day before exams?..

Relax cos u already studied ealier and yu just need to quickly go through your notes??


Personally, I wait for the last minute to revise & every fckin time I'll be askin myself the same questn: "Why didnt i start studyin earlier?"

Has it ever occured to you to do all the dumbest, random stuffs the eve before exams rather than actually studying?

I mean only during the exams week, we will want to watch all our favorites tv shows, painting your room, painting your nails, play games, clean up the house, bath your pet, SLEEEEP, procrastinate...


1 week before exams --> XD

4 days before exams --> :D

2 days before exams --> :)

1 day before exams --> :S

Night before exams --> :(  :'(  :@ :@ !!!@@@ :'(

Every fckin time!!!

1 comment:

  1. hahahaa...i ask myself the same fuckin question everytime...i use to study 2 or 3 days before an exam...but the day i started revizin one week before...i've fail...