Thursday, June 6, 2013

Choosing your Career

Some children already have an idea about what job they want to do when they'll grow up or atleast in what field they want to be. Others will discover that during their journey in High School. Yet, there are still some students who don't know into what field they should pursue their tertiary education even after completing their Higher Studies. 

Certes, there are Career Guidance fairs, but are these really useful? Whenever I've been to a career guidance fair, I would just look for the stalls where they would offer free pen, notepad, sweets and stuffs!

How some students choose their University Course?

1. Childhood's Ambition/Dream.
2. You're passionate about that field.
3. You would get a highly-paid salary.
4. Your parents forced you.
5. The university rejected your application for a particular field, so you just joined any available courses.
6. Most of your friends signed up for that course.

Moreover, there are some students, despite having majored in a particular field, they completely changed career afterwards. Maybe because there's no job available in their field or maybe they majored in the wrong field.

Finally, there are some people who despite having no Diploma/Degree but who are really successful.

In a nutshell, think well before joining any particular course and don't let yourself be influence by anyone...  And, it feels much better to do what we have  passion for, even if the rewards are greater elsewhere...

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