Monday, June 13, 2011

Time's Flyin...

Whooa..x I'm already 18

I still remember my first day at High School & now, i'm already at my last year & in a few months I'll be sittin' for my A-level exams :DD

During High School, I've come across many ppl who'd marked my life wit lutsa memorable, unforgettable, remarkable, wretched, unhappy moments... Well, that's part of life I guess... :/

While some ppl had been sum huge mistakes, others have positively marked my Life!

My best friend since Form 1 has been Kuxi, & gradually I met Mehts & Shane! In Form4, i came across Tagz & Geez & we'd created the 'Packet Beaterz' xD Here's the link to the blog:

My lovelyyy friends... Shared soo many stuffs together: Hikin', Terre Rouge Estuary, the F.U.N at school... Love you all despite not bein in the same class (& other f*ckin' reasons).. <3

Well, school was really A.M.A.Z.I.N.G & F.U.N at that time, but now, School definitely does sucks! Can't wait till the end of this year..xD

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