Friday, April 8, 2011

Orange Expo 2011

Today I'd gone to the Orange Expo 2011 wit my 3 Besties & it was really Awesome! The new technologies, 20% Off on all Mobile Phones & the some of the UTM creatns... 

Here's some pictures that we've taken there:

My.T is offering even more Channels such as: NHK World, Clubbing TV, Ary Digital, France 3 & even more...
Gaming Zone sponsored by: Gameloft & Electronic Arts...

You can find all local developpers here, specially those from UTM who've got awesome Apps such as for those doing Chemistry there's an E-lab to carry out some experiments such as Salt Analysis.
Digital Classroom, Conferences...

I'd even bought a new mobile phone; sorta a make-up kit
Yeah, We Love Hewlett-Packard!
Sorta Box where you can hear someone speaks wit lutsa background noises, but the new HD Voice reduces this effect & makes the call more clearer. But, LOL, the recipient talks lutsa Shits..xD


  1. Got any gifts ?? just wondering :)

  2. Apart 1 Tante Bazarre, Non! :P

  3. Also blogged on that at .. check out my gifts ;) lolzzz..