Friday, February 25, 2011

Mauritius: System of Education

The system of Education in Mauritius differs very much from the USA & Europe!

I mean, most students concentrate only at school and if ever they need additional Help, they can stay after school...

But here, its quite the opposite!

From the last few years, there has been an increase in the rate of absentism in the Secondary Schools!


Most students take private tuitions after school...

Some teachers even give tuition during school hours!

Why is this so?

Education is FREE in Mauritius and hence students give a damn about school. They prefer going to Tuitions and concentrate more there as their Parents have to pay for the Tuition fee at the end of each month!

Well, we do have some teachers who are give tuitions freely to needy students and others who take high fees for less than 7hr a month..!

We've got so many Money-Minded Teachers nowadays :@:@

For example, I'm a Science student and my Physics tuition, including Practicals and Theory classes sum up to Rs. 600! Chemistry tuitions are Rs. 800 cos we've got to use lutsa Solutions...

But can you guess how much an English(Main) Tuition is?


Rs. 1200 <==

WTF?  O.o

I mean, for some people it might be a small amount but for the majority its a BIG amount because not everyone in Mauritius is borned with a silver spoon in their mouth (Politics...)

Not all English teachers take up dat Fees but only some few of 'em..! 

Is English more complicated that Science? :S

Absolutely Not!!

A science student can talk fluently in English, Write an error-less Essay, but can a student who does English Main, integrates, differentiates Exponential or Trigonometrical Functions? Use Substitution or By Parts to integrate these funtions? Or Sketch graphs of these functions? 

I'm sure if they saw my Physics copybook it would be like they are seeing a new language ¬¬''

To conclude, major changes are required to achieve Quality Education amidst students... 


  1. Hi can u tell me where u r taking ur physics will b a great help if u could help me

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